Passage Media Hellas is seeking

IT Manager
An opportunity Six month contract for a system administrator to join the technical department of Passage Media Hellas large scale campaigns. The successful candidate will ensure continual system uptime while performing all tasks necessary for
proper monitoring, security, and performance tuning as well as daily tasks with regards to the live campaigns.
Required Skills
·        Support through scripting deployment of new large scale campaigns in digital signage
·        Setup monitoring processes using scripting languages and tools
·        Implement supporting services, security policies and ensure proper system operation
·        Troubleshoot and problem solving
·        Always think of automating all of the above
·        Desired Skills & Experience
·        Solid hands-& skills
·        Experience with scripting
·        Virtualized environment (VMWare vSphere)
·        Solid understanding of networking/distributed computing environments
·        Can-do attitude
·        Team player
·        Problem solver
·        At least 3 years working experience

Επικοινωνία με υπεύθυνο αγγελίας

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