Technical Manager Civil Structures (Morocco)

Major Activities
Coordinate closely with client to develop project execution strategy and KPIs to monitor implementation of the same.
Coordinate with Project Director to finalize project budgets, plans and delivery schedules.
Coordinate with Project Director, Chief Technical Officer and HR Director to staff the project team in a timely manner.
Coordinate with various project team managers to finalize quality, cost, and time goals for project.
Support Project Director on feasibility studies and risk plans for project.
Drive the engagement and management of consultants and contractors.
Establish KPIs for consultants and contractors and monitor the same.
Conduct routine project site inspections.
Conduct regular project meetings with internal and external teams (consultants, contractors etc) for project tracking and progress review.
Closely monitor project metrics and follow up with relevant parties for corrective, preventive and defect repair actions.
Lead and manage client relationship for the project(s) through periodic update and feedback meetings, bringing in the Project Director at appropriate times.
Finalize and manage scope, schedule, quality and budget changes with client where necessitated. Ensure that change control system is implemented.
Monitor the implementation of strategic initiatives in project activities and interface management.
Expedite project operations by dealing directly with individuals and organizations involved.
Ensure appropriate usage and application of the Project Management System (PMS) with respect to entry and analysis of work related data for day to day functioning to facilitate seamless communication of all relevant (technical/non-technical) information across the organization on a real time basis for maximum effectiveness.
Monitor the project commissioning team to ensure that all projects are meticulously commissioned to deliver world class standards of quality to clients

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