Testing / Commissioning Manager (Qatar)

Job Description:
Our client that provides real estate and infrastructure project management services is seeking to hire a Testing Commissioning Manager. The candidate should possess a Degree of Engineering or Construction Engineering Technology.
Degree can be either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering from a recognized University.
The candidate should be experienced in Management of testing and commissioning of large infrastructure projects related to major developments.
20 years of related work experience with a minimum of 5 years at a management level in large scale development projects is required.
The candidate shall possess relative experience in testing and commissioning of Substations, district cooling plant and other systems Scada Systems.
Knowledge and experience with design of large scale systems and infrastructure.
Fluent in English with excellent written and oral communication skills.
GCC experience on large interdisciplinary projects is a must.
Experience in all kind of high valued projects for testing and commissioning like Pump Stations Projects, Waste Water Projects.
Experience in the construction of large industrial or infrastructural projects is highly preferred.
Experienced in dealing with other employees and internal clients.
The candidate should be confident and has a proactive character with a track record of taking the lead in challenging situations. He should also be a firm Leader and advisor to his team at any time.
Main Responsibilities:
Provides direction and management of all related issues of testing and commissioning in accordance with contractual obligations. The testing and commissioning Manager is responsible for the support of other involved Manager of the project to meet project goals and objectives.
Plan, organize, and supervise the work of the team members to ensure all work in performed within the parameters of the project schedule.
Key Accountabilities:
·          Capability of reviewing the testing and commissioning plans submitted by contractors to ensure compliance with operational requirements of the project.
·         Testing and Commissioning Manager shall have experience in construction management with the capability to develop, in cooperation with the utility providers, consultants and the contractor, overall procedures with respect to testing of all aspects of the project including but not limited to major mechanical and electrical systems as well as pump stations, electrical sub-stations, sewage treatment plants, etc.
·         Testing and Commissioning Manager shall have general knowledge of the following:
1.     Principles and practices of safety management
2.     Principles and practices of computer hardware and software.
3.     Principles and practices of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ( SCADA)
·         Plan, organize and supervise the work to ensure all work is performed within the parameters of the project schedule.
·         Provides input to performance reviews and development plans for subordinates, Field responsibilities may include labour relations and local procurement etc. if required.
·         Liaise with Civil engineering team in the office for engineering support and control.
·         Works with other managers, project engineers and discipline leads to develop budgets, schedules and plans for the various elements of the project. Ensures that the project meets or exceeds goals established in these plans.
·         Coordinate with local authorities in third parties related to all necessary testing and commissioning requirements for the project
·         Ensure all testing and commissioning works are comprehensive and discussed with the various engineers for the best implementation in coordination with other parties and contractors.
·         Approval of testing and commissioning works.
·         May participate in negotiations with regulatory agencies in public meetings to support the client.
·         Initiate risk assessment of the testing and commissioning works, review and endorse risk assessment results and recommend course of action to ensure mitigation of risks.
·         Attend final inspections on completed projects, initiate “Contract Completion Certificates” and “Handover Certificates”   after checking back-punch list items have been cleared by the contractor in order to complete and submit the project documentation dossier.
·         Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.
·         Develop and follow up tasks and duties for all members of his team.
·         Preparation of drafts for decisions to be approved by the upper management.
·         Preparation, performance and reports of team meetings.
·         Participation on bid review process.
·         Reviewing technical proposal & specification documentation of the contractors.
·         Review and evaluate tenders and make recommendations to tender committee on suitability of contracts.
·         Establishing acceleration measures in case of any delay if required.

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