HR Manager Athens

Our client a multi-national high-tech services provider in the tourist industry, wishes to hire a HR Manager in Athens.
 Within People and Development Division, the HR Manager is accountable for planning, organising and coordinating the operations and activities
related to the HR operations and functions on a local level. This Includes the following responsibilities:
Main Accountabilities
Establish and maintain positive and productive working relationships with internal stakeholders at all levels of the business.
Partner with the business to manage all stages of the employment life cycle (including commencement, induction, staff movements, departures, performance management and employee relations).
Oversee the implementation of HR programs and identify opportunities for improvement, enhancements and alternatives based on specific needs.
Provide leadership in managing the activities of the HR department.
Lead the development of HR Divisional goals, objectives and systems.
Develop and monitor an annual HR budget.
Make recommendations to Senior Management Team.
Work closely with the payroll team on HR related matters.
Ensure competency-based interviewing is conducted by Human Resources and the Divisional Head team.
Partner with the business to ensure that talent is being optimally managed.
Assist managers with determining appropriate levels of workforce capability required for the future.
Conduct succession planning and talent review meetings with Division Heads.
Drive organizational development through succession planning, workforce development and employee retention.
Facilitate the performance appraisal and corrective performance management process, including performance improvement plans (PIPs).
Regularly review and maintain all HR policies, programs, Job descriptions and practices.
Communicate and provide consistent interpretation, application and new developments of HR policies, procedures, processes, documentation, programs, and laws to employees and management.
Formulate, where required, local HR policies associated with employee relations and employee rights.

Qualifications, Experience & Technical Skills
Proven Leadership experience as a Human Resources Manager or other senior position.
Minimum of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Human Resources, Business, or Organization Development.
Willingness to learn and to keep up to date with industry and market trends.
High attention to detail and strong administrative and procedural skills.
Analytical and problem solving skills, with a focus on continuous improvement and embracing change.
Practical understanding, knowledge and experience in HR process, methodologies and practises; employment law, compensation, organizational planning and development, recruitment, employee relations and preventive labor relations, safety, employee engagement and employee development.
Adept in interpreting legislation and requirements.
Excellent computer skills; Competent in HRIS systems.
Working knowledge of Google Apps; including Slides, Docs and Sheets.

Please send your cv in English in Microsoft Word format at: mentioning the job title..

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